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Intuition, what a powerful tool that should never be over looked or taken for granted. We neglect our intuition so much…. too much. Intuition is that burning voice seared in our brains that is so clear, so audible, and legitimately undeniable.  Why do we overlook it?

We have been taught in many cases that we are crazy for trusting our intuition, like it’s an unproven theory that could never be validated.

Boy, the absolute power in the unseen! The power in the small quiet voice that echoes no louder than a whisper.

Never again will I not trust in the unseen force of a vision that has no proof of existing. I will no longer be told to neglect everything that I know about myself to satisfy someone else’s ability to deceive. Never again will I adapt to the ways of this world and its inaccurate teachings regarding the real and unproven truths that lives inside of me.

Intuition is my truth, I will no longer withhold my trust from it.

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