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Why is it that as soon as you finally realize who you are,  you understand your destiny and attempt to come into your own, that is the exact moment when doubt creeps in like a black petrifying ghost in the night? It doesn’t give you the opportunity to think, to breathe, to exhale the worry and fear that is crawling down your back ever so slowly. Its desire is to suck every gem from you, every diamond that God himself has breathed into your soul. Don’t let it touch you, don’t let it reach you, don’t let it destroy you.

I wrote the above to describe the debilitating fear I have for starting something new, doing something more with an idea than just writing it in a notepad. A notepad that many times has hindered me from converting my ideas into actual action.

I started this blog, not because I enjoy writing, or because I see myself as a great communicator. I honestly tend to keep many of my thoughts to myself, fearing that my perspective of the world will frighten many that lack sight. True sight to me is not just seeing what the world puts in front of you and taking it for face value, but seeing a deeper meaning in objects the world tells us is inanimate.

There are so many disenfranchised among us. Many times they live in the tiny trusting bodies of young girls. However girls don’t stay girls for long, they become women. My sight coupled with destiny leads me to these women who are many times crippled by the pain of molestation, abuse, self hate, failure, and neglect. They see the dreams and desires that their minds once held fleeting from their hearts like the tide from the shore.

I have a heart for these young women and girls, they are my purpose.

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