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Rough Start?

Has 2019 started off like you thought it would? Or has life completely smacked you in the face as it did me? I'd planned to write a blog about kicking off the new year with a bang and diligently pursuing all our lofty goals. But then life happened. We like to believe that January 1st  is this monumental day that magically corrects all of our bad habits.  A day that we become this superhuman version of ourselves and start anew. But in actuality, it's just ANOTHER DAY.   Whether your year started off great or not, there is still time to make 2019 different and better than 2018.   Our current place in life is a direct result of the choices we’ve made. We can choose to be a different and better version of ourselves.  We can decide to curb our bad eating habits, start the business that has been on our hearts, or begin that exercise plan we've been putting off.  But it will take an intentional shift in our conscious thinking.  And there’s no magic in January 1st to make this happen. The point is to make a decision to change, do the work to make the changes possible and then get moving! Your ending is not a reflection of your beginning. Your year can shift in the right direction with positive decisions and action.  Perhaps you had something happen that has already drained you in 2019. A bad break up, job loss, or getting some unexpected news. Take some time to get quiet, still and fully present in a comfortable place where you can focus. Reflect on the matter;  journal your thoughts. Pray about it then release it. Decide that it will no longer have power over you. Make a conscious decision to move forward and then write what you want the end of 2019 to look like for you. And finally, put all your intentional focus and energy into making it a reality.  So what's holding you back from starting today? Be honest with yourself about what needs improvement or where behavioral changes are needed. Know that it is okay that things did not go as planned. Release the idea of “perfection” and settle for growth and improvement. Create a personal mantra; try this one: New habits, new me! You are Still That Girl even if 2019 hasn’t started as expected. So let’s get to work. A rough start to a new year does not set the course for the rest of the year.  Rough patches are a part of life.  And going through them teaches us how to navigate rough water, so we can come through a stronger and a better version of ourselves. Cheers to an amazing 2019!

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