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Pursuing Purpose on Capilano Bridge

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the gorgeous city of Vancouver, Canada. There are a variety of extraordinary attractions to see in this beautiful city but the destination that stuck out most was hidden just beyond Lions Gate Bridge, at a place known as Capilano Suspension Bridge. Capilano Suspension Bridge attracts more than 1 million tourists every year.  It includes a 459-foot bridge suspended between 2 mountains, crossing the Capilano River with gorgeous views


Intuition, what a powerful tool that should never be over looked or taken for granted. We neglect our intuition so much…. too much. Intuition is that burning voice seared in our brains that is so clear, so audible, and legitimately undeniable.  Why do we overlook it? We have been taught in many cases that we are crazy for trusting our intuition, like it’s an unproven theory that could never be validated. Boy, the absolute power in the unseen! The power in the small quiet voic


Why is it that as soon as you finally realize who you are,  you understand your destiny and attempt to come into your own, that is the exact moment when doubt creeps in like a black petrifying ghost in the night? It doesn’t give you the opportunity to think, to breathe, to exhale the worry and fear that is crawling down your back ever so slowly. Its desire is to suck every gem from you, every diamond that God himself has breathed into your soul. Don’t let it touch you, don’t